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Stencil Laser Cutting with LPKF StencilLaser: New dimensions of precision

Innovative variants of LPKF's high-end systems are setting new standards in stencil laser cutting by enabling the production of the smallest apertures in the highest quality as well as micro-cut parts with the highest precision from panels with thicknesses of up to 4 mm.

Stencil production with our innovative stencil laser technology

The following pages will provide you with more information about the production of stencils with laser technology, the many advantages of stencil laser cutting and the cost savings through the use of laser cutting technology:

About stencil manufacturing with laser

Laser processing - especially with LPKF machines - offers numerous potentials and is due to its technological advantages the tool of choice for stencil production.

Advantages of laser cutting stencils

Discover the advantages of laser processing such as quality, flexibility ,performance and cost-effectiveness.

Applications of stencil laser cutting

Discover the applications of LPKF's StencilLaser systems on the following pages.

Wafer Stencil

Even the smallest aperatures and the most compact designs can be produced in a high-quality and cost-efficient manner with the right laser tool.

SMT Stencil

The widest variety of designs and requirements for SMT stencils can be realized fast and simple by using the laser for processing.

Precision Metal Parts

Using high-performance lasers, not only stencils but also thicker metal sheets of a wide variety of materials can be processed with high precision.

Are you interested in our StencilLaser machines?

You can access our product overview here, where all our StencilLaser machines are presented. You will learn more about the most important specifications, similarities and differences of our systems.


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